Our Toolbox for Life Speakers - Thank you ALL!

Amalya (Amy Peck, M.A.) - Founder/creatrix of the Goddess Studio in Escondido

Amalya The Goddess Studio offers sacred space for the Sacred Feminine! The studio is a beautiful, private, dance & "temple" space where Amalya presents and hosts a variety of events, meetups, rituals and retreats. She is passionate about inspiring women and mainstreaming the paradigm of the Divine Feminine. Her mission is to empower women to love and accept themselves, to embrace the Sacred Feminine and to live in balance by offering the sacred space of the Goddess Studio and through sharing her art and Glorious Goddess photo-digital Portraits, and teaching belly dance.
e-mail: AmalyaGoddess@aol.com Website: http://www.Goddess-Studio.com

Kate Walsh - The Success Alliance

The Success Alliance helps Women discover their Financial Wisdom by strengthening their financial knowledge and developing skills that support their Financial Goals. We assist women by showing them ways to increase their cash flow and reduce overall risks. This is accomplished by helping Women learn how to eliminate undesirable debt, bettering their investments or to start saving for the future, and how to protect their future. We offer "Getting out and Staying out, of Debt" Programs as well as Private Coaching and Workshops.
e-Mail: kate@wisewomenandwealth.org Website: KatetheDebtDoctor.com

Veronica Landes- The KEY to Living Your Divine Purpose - The Great Solution Course

Veronica Landes

Take a deeper look at how your Self Actualization process will lead you to acquire the information you need to be successful in living your Divine Purpose. Discover who is knowledgeable & in charge of your Self Actualization process!

Website: thegreatsolution.org
Email: thegreatsolution@ymail.com


Penelope Clark - Survival Skills

Penelope Clark

Penelope Clark is a Publicist, Artist and Teacher and single mother of two teenagers. A natural networker, she supports and inspires women with survival skills acquired from her own life experiences "Resourcefully" and "Joyfully" and learned to "Dance in the Rain" with grace, dignity, and above all, humor!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pennyclark/
e-Mail: pennylclark@gmail.com

Beverlee Harbour Gopp - Vagantic Gratitudes

With the success of her two gratitude books (Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Even When Sh*t Hits the Fan and Be Grateful) and a recent audition for the Vagina Monologues, Beverlee merges these topics in a humorous and introspective discussion about the importance of empowering our female energy through gratitude.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/choosegratitude/
Website: http://www.WalkingInTheNOW.com

Tori West - Rising from Depression

Tori West Tori West is a newly single mother after 25 years, with 2 amazing young adult children. As a Starving Artist and natural Creative Engineer she has developed survival skills after being diagnosed with "Chronic Depression". She has vowed to share her life long experiences, with doctors, medicines, family and the system, so that others may endure a smoother life when dealing with this still much misunderstood illness. Tori's compassion and understanding of others who live with the illness is infused with humor and actual stories to make you laugh and inform you of the options out there, recognized by few.

The Chadwicks - Beauty: Inside and Out

The Chadwicks

John & Suzanne Chadwick (The Chadwicks) are hair industry icons. Working together and married for the past 30 years, they are partners in every sense of the word, and have been involved in every facet of the professional hair and beauty industry worldwide. As renowned educators, John & Suzanne Chadwick have trained, influenced and inspired hundreds of thousands of professional hairdressers through their countless seminars, workshops and classes held around the globe. www.thechadwicks.com
email: Suzanne@thechadwicks.com


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