As women we wear many hats in our day to day lives, fulfilling various roles; wife, mom, friend, caregiver, breadwinner, coach, the list goes on and on... With not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things that are expected of us (or that we expect of ourselves), we become overwhelmed and in turn stressed, both of which have a negative effect on our lives and our health.

The journey along life's path is meant to be fabulous, filled with joy and laughter. Instead we are worrying about how to feed our children, pay college tuition, make the house payment, pay medical bills and be at work on time. We end up neglecting ourselves and often don't get enough sleep. The things we love to do get put on the back burner and we basically forget how to have fun, to laugh and to enjoy life.

Having fun is an obligation. It should be something we strive to do. When we are in a state of joy, the speed bumps of life tend to disappear (or at least become a lot less frequent and severe). Joy and fun are our internal compass. When we are laughing and happy, our life is on track, and that is when the miracles happen; the happier we are and the more fun we have, the more life gives us to celebrate and enjoy.

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